Video Ad Serving Template

We support VAST 2.0 & VAST 3.0 for Apps & CTV.

Example tag and required macros are listed below and our account managers ([email protected]) will help you with the final ad code.

For Apps -[IFA_TYPE_MACRO]&publisherId=f253f234-4263-4527-858e-793e6999e80f

For Web -

Except adUnitId _and _PublisherId all other value can be inserted dynamically. Our Publisher success team will help you with adUnitId & PublisherId

Required & Recommended Macros

idstringsite/app idYesYes
adUnitIdstringId of the ad unitYesYes
isAppboolean(OPTIONAL) Denotes whether the request is from Site / App. Use bundleId instead.
bundleIdstringApp Id (If present, the tag refers to app )YesYes (For Apps Only)
pagestringSite page ( if present, the tag refers to site request )Yes (For Sites Only)
widthintegerWidth of the video player in device independent pixels (DIPS).Yes
heightintegerHeight of the video player in device independent pixels (DIPS).Yes
bidFloornumber"minimum": 0, only numeric values allowedYesYes
screensizestring"pattern": "\d+x\d+"Yes
uidstringuser id from browser traffic and ifa type for appsYes
placementinteger1 (In-Stream)
2 (In-Banner)
3 (In-Article)
4 (In-Feed)
5 (Interstitial/Slider/Floating)
formatstring[]"pattern": "\d+x\d+" | Use Width and height instead
wrapperType''iframe'' | "html"html is used by default for banners. Videos will always be returned in xml format
plcmtinteger1 (In-Stream)
2 (In-Banner)
3 (In-Article)
4 (In-Feed)
5 (Interstitial/Slider/Floating)
protocolsinteger[]We support [2,3,5,6,7,8]. Array of supported video protocols. Refer to List 5.8 in oRTB spec v2.5. At least one supported protocol must be specified in either the protocol or protocols attributeYes
mindurationintegerMinimum video ad duration in seconds.Yes
maxdurationintegerMaximum Video ad duration in seconds.Yes
apiinteger[]List of supported API frameworks for this impression. Refer to List 5.6 in oRTB spec v2.5.Yes
linearityintegerWe have default of 1, as we support that only for now. It Indicates if the impression must be linear, nonlinear, etc. If none specified, assume all are allowed
skipintegerIndicates if the player will allow the video to be skipped, where 0 = no, 1 = yes.
skipminintegerVideos of total duration greater than this number of seconds can be skippable; only applicable if the ad is skippable.
skipafterintegerNumber of seconds a video must play before skipping is enabled; only applicable if the ad is skippable.
sequenceintegerIf multiple ad impressions are offered in the same bid request, the sequence number will allow for the coordinated delivery of multiple creatives
battrinteger[]Blocked creative attributes. Refer to List 5.3 in oRTB spec v2.5
maxextendedintegerMaximum extended ad duration if extension is allowed. If blank or 0, extension is not allowed. If -1, extension is allowed, and there is no time limit imposed. If greater than 0, then the value represents the number of seconds of extended play supported beyond the maxduration value.
minbitrateintegerMinimum bit rate in Kbps.Yes
maxbitrateintegerMaximum bit rate in Kbps.Yes
playbackmethodinteger[]Playback methods that may be in use. If none are specified, any method may be used. Refer to List 5.10 in oRTB spec v2.5
playbackendintegerThe event that causes playback to end. Refer to List 5.11 in oRTB spec v2.5
deliveryinteger[]Supported delivery methods (e.g., streaming, progressive). If none specified, assume all are supported. Refer to List 5.15.
posintegerAd position on screen. Refer to List 5.4.Yes

Quality guidance:

We recommend following the quality guidance to improve monetization outcomes.

Additional resources:

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