Quick Integration Guide

We offer three modes of integration:

  1. Prebid - Insticator solution is backed with Prebid v8.45 thus supporting widely used inventory types which are display web, video (outstream & instream) & native and the specs can be found here - https://docs.prebid.org/dev-docs/bidders/insticator.html.
    It is highly recommended for publishers to use Prebid version 8.45 and above.
  2. VAST - With VAST integration type, we can support CTV, and conventional Instream & Outstream video types. It is a widely used integration method but it is primitive and is less recommended as the parsing of user data is limited which will translate into less revenue.
  3. RTB - Through oRTB integration, Insticator can accommodate a variety of ad formats including display and video across web, mobile app, and CTV app inventories. We utilize the RTB v2.5 specification from the IAB, a widely adopted standard among SaaS platforms.