Import Unsupported Vendor Data

Why are some vendors/formats not supported?

For some vendors, like WordPress for example, the data formats they have can be variable based on certain plugins being used and other factors. This makes it challenging to successfully ingest data for all possible cases that can arise. In these instances we can try a workaround approach detailed below.

How can we work around this?

AM to contact the Data Team and have them convert the file to a supported format (OpenWeb CSV, Vuukle XML, or Vuukle JSON)

Once the conversion is complete, the Data Team would pass the file back to the AM who can then upload via the Importer Tool (make sure to upload via the format Data Team converted to).

How to convert data files

Assess the non-supported data file format and determine a strategy for how to repurpose the file into one of the following formats:

  • OpenWeb - [CSV]
  • Vuukle - [XML]
  • Vuukle - [JSON]

Once you've created a new file with the data correctly converted send it along to the Account Manager to upload via the Importer Tool.



  • Large data files can be labor/time intensive to convert and then import
  • This process is much more manual and can potentially lead to broken data formats in the file which would then break the import process
  • Once the file is converted, it must be uploaded via the Importer Tool using the new format or else it will not work