Comments Counter

You can add supportive features to the Commenting section with features provided in the Add-ons tab, such as counting the number of comments, displaying the most popular commenter on the top of the list, and so on.

Comments counterYou can view the number of comments on an article

Enabling Comments Counter (Add-ons)

Comments counter allows users to immediately see the number of comments on a particular article. Comments counter can be placed anywhere on the page with a fully customizable design.


To enable the Comments Counter feature for the Commenting unit:

  1. On the Add-ons tab, click the Enable/Disable toggle for Comments Counter.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. In the Comments Counter Loading Script section, add the following script to the bottom of the page where you’d like to display the Comments Counter, right before the closing :
<script src="" async id="insticator-commenting-counter" data-cu-uuid="5f43182e-2fa3-463f-a48d-ca2a0e0087d2">
  1. In the Comments Counter Code section, add this suffix (anchor) to links where Comments Counter should appear.
    For more information about External Page Id, see What is an External Page Id?.
<a href="{articleURL}#insticator-commenting" data-ext-page-id="{extPageId}"></a>
  1. In the Label section, customize the comments counter label for various scenarios.
  2. Click Save & Close.