User Avatars

Insticator provides the User Avatar feature to configure and choose from different styles of user avatars. They are assigned to anonymous users and logged-in users without a profile picture.


To configure settings in the User Avatars section:

  1. In the User Avatars section, click Configure.
    The User Avatars section expands.
    The User Avatars section has icons for the following:
    • Default - Provides an array of miscellaneous Avatars
    • News - Provides an array of Avatars related to News such as broadcasting, Wi-Fi, speaker, and so on



User Avatars are randomly allocated. You can navigate to your profile and select and update your own avatar that the community will see.

  1. Choose the Avatars from any set, and they will be assigned to the logged-in and anonymous commenters.
  2. Click Save & Close.