Import Disqus Comments

Disqus Workflow to Migrate Comments

Insticator has an ingest tool that makes it easy to ingest historical Disqus comments into our Commenting platform. During the ingest, we keep the existing hierarchies and threads as they exist in Disqus. As the user creates a new Insticator account, they will have the option to connect their new Insticator user to all of their Disqus profile information.

To ingest the comments, we will need that Disqus API key and Forum Name. Below is a description of how to capture that data so it can be sent to your Account Manager.

  1. Go to -

  1. Select a website you want to transfer comments from - yourWebsite

  1. then go to “Edit Settings” on the top right:

  1. Here you can see the Forum name of your website:

  1. You need to register a new application / or edit an existing one at -

  1. The following screens shows how the app is being created

    1. Create an application

    1. Fill in the remaining required fields.

    1. Click "Save Changes"
  2. scroll to the top and go to the details tab.

  1. Scroll down a bit and there you can see the remaining needed field to be provided - API Key