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Commenting enables your community to share their opinions and have others reply and/or react to them in a safe environment. Leverage both AI and human moderation to protect your brand and community. Commenting helps drive the collection of first-party data, including emails and IAB category interests. Gamification with badges and points helps keep users engaged.

Trivia & Polls

Customized Polls & Quizzes drive engagement and additional time spent on site across your visitors. Topics and categories of the questions can be driven by the learned interests of the visitors who engage. Provide summary results of the poll or quiz so the community can compete against each other, which increases engagement.

Trends & Reactions

Trending Now

Trending Now allows visitors to find which articles are the most popular on your site. They can see the engagement and overall sentiment of your top articles. Trending Now is a great way to recirculate articles to understand your readers' interests better and get them to spend more time on your site.

Article Sentiment

Article Sentiment encourages visitors to share their feelings and sentiment of the article they just read. Those visitors can compare their thoughts vs. others within the community. This is a great tool for editors to gauge their audience for each article and on aggregate across the entire site.