The Trivia & Polls unit can also have a feature where you can collect user information such as Email Ids. The users visiting your website can provide Email Ids on the unit.


To configure the additional features:

  1. Navigate to Create an Embed > Select Placement > Customize > Select Ads > Add-ons.
  2. In the Add-ons tab, there is an option to collect the user’s email ID. To configure the email ID, activate the Collect User Emails toggle button. It displays sections to create a new card.
  3. In the Creating User Email Page section, add a headline.
  4. In the Formatting section, add the company name and URL. You may also change the
    background image and color.
  5. Set the position of the Add on card in Set as card #.
  6. Click Preview (in the top right corner) to preview the changes.
  7. Click Save to confirm the changes.

On successfully creating the Trivia & Poll, you are taken to the Get Code tab.