RTB v2.5

Backed with RTB v2.5, we provide seamless S2S integration with bare minimum requirement.

  1. RTB End Point (given below)
  2. Cookie Sync URL
  3. adUnitId (to be added as custom RTB field)

If web property, use - https://ex.ingage.tech/v1/openrtb
If app property, use - https://aex.ingage.tech/v1/openrtb

For cookie sync URL & adUnitId, our publisher success team ([email protected]) will help you.


  1. We will require RTB JSON body to verify the signals correctly and avoid any future anomaly.
  2. Request header: x-forwarded-for: xx.xx.xx.xx [IP Address]

Quality guidance:
We recommend following the quality guidance to improve monetization outcomes.

Additional resources:
Reporting: https://documentation.insticator.com/docs/analytics-date-range