Import Comments from Vendors

Importing Historical Comments from Other Vendors

To ensure contunuity from the commenting community, historical comments from other vendors are able to be imported into the Insticator platform.

DisqusAsk for an XML file or an API key. See more on Disqus.
VuukleAsk Vuukle to download and send their commenting file backups. Insticator will import all comments in a JSON format. A parser will then import the comments in XML format.
OpenWebAsk OpenWeb to download and send CSV files of historical comments.
FacebookPublishers can scrape their comments via a Facebook API. Insticator can also assist with the scraping.
WordpressAsk the partner to send the export/backup commenting file. Our product team will then provide instructions based upon which plugin the partner is using.


Non-Supported Vendors & Formats

  • Some vendors have plugins or other variables that can affect the format of the data.
  • We cannot support all possible variations.
  • We can however workaround these issues

*The Insticator Account Manager will work on how far back historical comments should be imported.