Color Scheme

You can add glamor and decorate the Commenting unit by playing with the color options offered by Insticator in the Color scheme section of the Configuration tab.

The Color Scheme section customizes the colors for the following items in the Commenting unit:

  • Colors of the fonts of the comments such as Primary text, Secondary text
  • Background color of the commenting unit

To configure settings in the Color Scheme section:

  1. In the Color Scheme section, click Configure.
    The Color Scheme section expands.
  2. In the Set Custom Colors sub-section, click the available color options to give personality to your comments.
    You can preview the selected color combinations in the left panel of the screen.

You can change the colors for the following:

  • Background
  • Primary text
  • Secondary text
  • Branding
  1. In the Advanced color configuration section, you can view/get more color-changing options by typing the desired color code.
  2. Click Save & Close.